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Our Story

NovaPoint Group Inc was formed to help company's transform their organization into a High-Performance Business.

We offer a variety of solutions and services that not only improve operational efficiency but also significantly help companies manage their bottom line. We've spent a significant amount of time researching viable solutions, new methods, and the markets which we serve.

We've discovered a better model that combines:

  • Cost-effective Open Source software (Odoo)
  • Experienced consulting and services to keep your projects on-target and within budget
  • An approach to support that ensure high-responsiveness

We believe that many industries are hindered by the existing software they use to manage and operate their business. When you consider proprietary software (e.g. Netsuite,, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, or any other solution) we believe you should ask several key questions to uncover what's really inside the black box you're about to spend your hard earned money on.

  1. What issues and errors do you have reported in your system? Show me the list.
  2. Describe the underlying architecture of your solution?
  3. How efficient is your development team?
  4. How have you extended the solution over the past 1, 2, or 3 years?
  5. What modules are available? At what cost?
  6. How easily can you customize the software and user interface?
  7. What percentage of your projects are within the original budget?

How Do We Do It?

By leveraging new technology, in a pragmatic manner, we help clients break free from proprietary software models that are costly and slow to respond. We believe our approach can propel our clients forward to achieve the high-levels of performance they need to compete in today's economy.

We're a US Partner of Odoo - a leading enterprise management system and framework.

If you're interested in becoming a High-Performing Business, we invite you to visit our website to learn more about our solutions and services.


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